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You could go with this…

…or you could go with that.

Plumbers in Atlanta Do this!

We received a call from a frantic owner about a plumbing job gone wrong. We got to the site and the inside of the home was just trashed. Mud was everywhere.

You might be surprised to learn this, but this is fairly common.

Zippy Plumber is a clean plumbing company in Atlanta, GA

At Zippy Plumber, we’re taking additional precautions because of COVID-19. Before covid-19, we still wanted to ensure the air in our client’s homes was clean. When we do our plumbing services, we use air filters. We set up temporary walls to block dust from moving into other rooms. Dirt belongs outside – not inside the house. With this particular job, we fixed the plumbing and we cleaned up after the other guys.

Be careful with plumbers in Atlanta

Just be careful when you hire a plumber in Atlanta. At the very least, you should ask if they lay down any floor protection. We’re kind of perfectionists with our jobs around Atlanta. Don’t let this mess happen to you. Call Zippy Plumber instead.

Underground Plumbing Repairs Are Messy

There’s a big difference between repairing a leak under a sink and repairing a leak under the foundation of the housebelow the sink.

Zippy Plumber specializes in underground plumbing. If you know there’s a leak under your house, then you need to contact a plumber like Zippy Plumber.

We will come out and locate the leak with some high-tech equipment. Then, we will strategically – almost like a surgeon – find the most efficient way to make the repair to the underground plumbing.

Sometimes, it makes more sense to dig in a different room, because that other room doesn’t have as many appliances or backsplashes.

We would much rather make a clean hole in a dining room, rather than gutting an entire kitchen to make the same hole.

We take a lot of pride in making sure we minimize the negative impact on your home. Furthermore, if the situation is warranted, then we will speak with your insurance company, too.

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