Drain Cleaning in Atlanta

We Can Assist You with Residential or Commercial Clogged Drains

Is your drain clogged or running slow? Have you tried using a home remedy or plunger, but the problem just gets worse? Zippy Plumber offers comprehensive residential and commercial drain and sewer cleaning services in Atlanta and the surrounding cities, from a clogged kitchen sink, bathtub, toilet, or floor drain to an overflowing toilet or a complete drainpipe installation and replacement. We never charge extra for overtime, night, weekend, or holiday service.

Our team of expert plumbers works with your satisfaction in mind. They will show up on time, treat you and your home or commercial property with respect, and deliver the best service possible. Cost will never be a mystery because our plumbers will assess the drain issue and provide you with an estimate before any work is performed.

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Fully Licensed Plumbers Providing Expert Drain Repairs

Clogs in your plumbing can lead to the development of complications, such as bursting and corroded pipes. If a blockage occurs in the drain line and is not removed quickly, it accumulates bits of debris that cause the obstruction to worsen over time. Since every drain in your property is connected to the main sewer line, prolonged backups can result in awful smells, a collapsed sewer pipe, or flooding.

We perform effective drain cleaning for any drain on your property, including:

  • Kitchen drains, often clogged by hardened grease or food debris
  • Bathroom drains, including sinks, tubs, and toilets
  • Basement floor drains, which, when clogged, can present major health hazards
  • Drainpipes and sewer pipes, which may also require a video inspection


Do not use Drano or Liquid Plumber to treat a clogged drain. While this might appear to be a cheap and easy fix, these harsh chemicals can damage your plumbing pipes and drains, resulting in more costly repairs. Our licensed professional plumbers offer simple, low-priced treatment options that use enzymes rather than harsh chemicals and that can often solve and prevent future problems.

Emergency Drain Cleaning in Atlanta

Slow or non-functioning drains are a great frustration for homeowners and major disruptions for commercial establishments. If you need emergency drain cleaning, Zippy Plumber provides efficient, expert drain cleanout 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for your convenience. We offer flexible and convenient drain service scheduling. And because we understand that emergencies happen, you won’t have to pay extra for the convenience of having a licensed drain plumber quickly show up at your door at any time.

If you’re dealing with a clogged drain, call Zippy Plumber at (404) 800-3610 for same-day service. We’re available 24/7.

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